What will happen to expats after Brexit?

Brexit has been all over the news for the past few weeks. With around 45,000 British nationals in The Netherlands, the question on everyone's mind is: what will happen to expats after Brexit? After December 31, 2020, the Dutch immigration service states that all British nationals need some kind of permit to stay in The Netherlands. Since Expat Residence serves many expats in The Hague, we would like you to stay updated on the situation.

expats after brexit

Permits for British expats

The Dutch immigration service, the IND, has started consulting British expats on their permits and citizenship. Unfortunately, they do not have sufficient information to answer many expats' questions. However, the IND is laying out the different options British nationals will have once Brexit is final. Many are wondering whether the European residency permit is still worth applying for, for example, or what will happen to the ones who are still in the middle of the five year period before gaining a permit. Keep an eye out for the IND website for the latest updates regarding Brexit.

The Dutch Liberal democratic party D66 aims to make it easier for Brits in The Netherlands after Brexit, by allowing dual citizenship. Looking at the current political situation, this measure is unlikely to pass. But we think this is something to consider and definitely worth supporting.

Moving business to The Netherlands

Since the announcement of Brexit, many companies have considered moving their business to The Netherlands. It is a great way to stay in the EU, while still enjoying the benefits of an international, English speaking environment. Before doing so, however, one must consider all the different rules and regulations. It is of course easier said than done, but it could be beneficial to your business.

Future for expats after Brexit

Even though the Brexit has been on our minds for a few years now, the consequences of the situation are still not clear. Our advice is to stay updated with the news, follow the IND, and look at your personal circumstances. Expat Residence is here for expats. Although we are focused on real estate, we have a large network of people who can help you with your questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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