30-10-2018 Nurlan

Dear Michel,

I am writing to express my gratitude and thank you for helping my family to find an apartment. I appreciate your prompt responses to my queries and your professionalism in finding the best suitable option. You managed to negotiate initially an impossible deal, when landlord did not want to rent her flat to a family with kids. The process went very smooth and we are happy that we were able to find such a comfortable and clean apartment near our children's school.

Good luck to you and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and my colleagues who are looking for a rental apartment in the Hague.


15-10-2018 Marina

‘In my case, it was Expat Residence that came to my door and not the other way around. I found a business card in my postbox with an invitation to rent out accommodation if there was any available. I did call the agency and appointment was quickly arranged. At the time, my accommodation was yet due for renovation and I could enjoy free Michel’s advice. It took half a year before the accommodation was ready and Michel would sometimes drop me a note which was very helpful. Eventually the renting out happened very easily and professionally. I did feel that I was lead and helped at every step. My best recommendations for Michel van der Steen from Expat Residences.’


27-08-2018 Bart

Renting a right property in The Hague and it's neighborhood is not an easy task. I was unsuccessfully looking for a suitable flat for a couple of weeks and what is more one of offers which I found was a try of extortion.
Then I decided to ask for help an estate agent ('makelaar' in Dutch). I chose Michel van der Steen from Expat Residence, who I met during one of house's presentations. He was the first makelaar who was on time, had full knowledge about the property for rent and what is more was very likeable!
The same day I sent to Expat Residence completed form with my expectations (and few more documents) I received a mail with several offers (some of them were not available online). We quickly set a date for a check out tour. Till the day of the tour I was updated daily with new offers matching my requirements. We started our tour day with good coffee and small discussion. Later on we visited a few properties matching my requirements. During each viewIng I was advised by my makelaar who paid attention to all important details. The tour was organized perfectly, all appointments made by the makelaar went smoothly and without unnecessary delay. At the end of the tour the makelaar summed up all the pros and cons of the properties and gave me time to make my mind. What is very important there was no pressure to choose one! However one of the offers was outstanding so I quickly made my mind. With a help of the estate agent several days later I signed a contract, got a set of keys from my perfect property and could move in.

Advantages of Expat Residence:
- easy and fast contact (mail and phone),
- fully professional,
- protects client's rights in a lease contract,
- helps to obtain best possible deal (price negotiations),
- helps to arrange utilities (energy, gas, water, internet...),
- access to properties that are not offered online,
- you pay for Expat Residence service only on condition that they find you a right property.


09-06-2018 Mandy and Mike

We had a wonderful experience working with Michel. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was quick to respond to all correspondence, and provided us with many options. I would definitely recommend him and his team to any expat looking for housing in The Hague.


04-07-2018 Patricia en Hans

Many thanks Michel. Our house was rented within 1 month
We could reach you at any time if we had a question.
You are a professional with a lot of enthousiasm and drive and it is obvious that you like your job.


08-02-2018 Sasha

My experience with Expat Residence was nothing short of pleasurable.Moving to a foreign country is a very stressful experience especially when you're trying to get a new business off the ground ,there just aren't enough hours in the day and too many obstaclels to over come.The best desecion that I made was calling Expat Residence .They did everything for me effortlessly and without question.I moved into a lovely home quickly with everything sorted proptly .I highly recommend this firm for any expat moving to Holland.


04-01-2018 Sahar

Thank you for your help to find us the suitable house, you were of great help to us especially in the contracting and check-in stage. The whole process was smooth and with no problems.


24-05-2017 Cyril

The apartment is wonderful :-) I really like to live in it and look forward for my family to join.

I can assure you, that when I have colleagues who need to rent an apartment I will recommend you and your services as very fast, accurate and with full attention for details. I really appreciate your efforts and services.


17-01-2017 Germann

Service was most usefull and very accomodating.
The owner has a beautifull home and my wife and I have settled in nicely, she's extremely gratefull to the both of us doing a lot of effort on such short notice!


10-01-2017 Massimo

I take this opportunity to thank personally you and the Real Estate company for the professionality demonstrated follwing the procedure to rent my apartment from the beginning up to the end.

Excellent and professional job.

Massimo Mercati
European Space Agency


Nick 22-12-2016

I thought the service you provided was very professional & thorough and have no criticisms. I've seen it from both sides having rented through you in the past and particularly like your rigor/attention to detail and responsiveness.

I hope to work with you again in future should the need arise.


29-11-2016 Chris Jones

"Renting out our family home was a little daunting however Michel from Expat Residence guided us through the process listening to our concerns and suggestions.
Although we placed our home for rent outside of the core rental season for family sized housing, Michel quickly found suitable candidates who agreed to rent our house within just a few weeks of it having been advertised. Michel also assisted us with organising the promotion photo shoot, the pre-check-in cleaning and other tasks associated with getting the house tenant ready.

We would certainly recommend Michel and Expat Residence ."


26-08-2016 Jennifer

Michel was very accommodating to our requests and time schedule. He found houses that suited our family's needs in neighborhoods that made sense for our commutes.
Thanks again!


21-07-2016 Will Glyn

“Moving to another country to live is never easy. Particularly in a popular Expat market like the Netherlands. We are very lucky to have been referred to Michel who had a comprehensive understanding of not only the dutch property market, but also the common difficulties that expats suffer when they are relocating. To begin with we were a bit concerned putting all of our expectations with a company that we did not know, but it really paid off. Michel supported us with the full process. He established exactly what we needed and then worked tirelessly to find our dream home and deal with the negotiation phase. We had one apartment in particular that we loved and Michel made sure that we got it. Once we secured our apartment he helped us in organising all utilities and even managed the property inspection. A really great reliable service which I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a new home in The Netherlands.”


18-07-2016 Normen Schneider

I am very satisfied with the care provided by their broker agency and I can recommend their future agency only. The conclusion was straightforward and very cooperative. Michel van der Steen was very professional and very polite and he had always time for the questions we had. I am grateful for the kind support and wish you continued success.


30-05-2016 Hanno Schneider

The service you will get from this company when you are looking for a new house in the Den Haag area is great and can not been done better. They take care of everything, not only the negotiation but also the help with connecting to all the utilities at the best providers. Michel , thank you so much.


27-11-2015 Egidia

We very much appreciated your quick and fast support to find a suitable house for our family. The service you provided was perfect and fast. After few months of struggle and disappointment we met Michel van der Steen and within few days he found a house, he helped all the arrangements with the landlord and all were settled excellently.
Many thanks

24-10-2015 Olga

After trying searching for a house in Den Haag area by myself and only getting frustrated by the experience, Michel van der Steen from the Expat Residence agency was a godsend gift. Michel was knowledgeable, patient, accommodating, prompt and trustworthy. He found a place for us very quickly and helped to organize meeting with the other agents and the landlors. When the rental agreement was signed he even assisted with selecting utilities company and helping get connected.

Will highly recommend Michel and this agency for any expat who is new to the country, doesn’t speak the language and understand the peculiarities of the Dutch real estate. Will definitely use Michel’s series again.



01-09-2015 Andrei

"Why I chose Expat Residence for renting out my house?
I wanted to find an agency with motivated, client oriented professionals who can provide high quality operative service.
Michel, thank you for that!"


25-08-2015 Alexandra Freitas

We found our place to live in The Hague very smoothly and easily through Expat Residence. Michel was of great support. He really understood the kind of place our family was looking for and he showed us what we needed to see. The process was very quick and easy and Michel was always on top of things sorting all the necessary contractual arrangements. Besides he gave us good tips about living in The Hague and about arrangements we needed to have in place. I would definitely recommend Expat Residence services to everyone looking for a place in the Hague area


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